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Writing projects

The best set of beginners' tutorials for the LaTeX typesetting system.

My articles

An article for BookMachine about how publishers can take a pragmatic approach to entering the mobile domain.
A review of one of the primary texts for desktop Java programming by Chet Haase and Guy Romain.
One of the first scoops revealing Sun's open-source initiative for the Java platform.
How the popular Struts platform was looking at becoming more modular.
A piece about the ongoing conflict between Apache and Sun regarding a JCK license for Apache Harmony.
An in-depth interview with the chief-architect of SWT, the UI technology behind Eclipse and JFace.
An article, written prior to Java being open-sourced, analysing the pros and cons of switching to a open source model.
A challenge to the ubiquity of word processors by raising awareness of the LaTeX approach.
The second piece investigating concerns which were hindering Java's presence within the desktop computing space.
The first of two articles looking at Java on the desktop. The truth behind look-and-feel politics is revealed here.
A real-life perspective to the Arch Linux distribution.

My research

Many moons ago I studied for a postgraduate degree at the University of Leeds. Here are all my articles, papers and reports.

aConCorde: Towards an open-source, extendable concordancer for Arabic
Roberts Andrew, Al-Sulaiti, Latifa and Atwell, Eric
In: McEnery, Tony et al. (eds.) Corpora Journal. 1(1). Edinburgh University Press. 2006.
Combinatory hybrid elementary analysis of text
Atwell, Eric and Roberts, Andrew
Kurimo, M, Creutz, M and Lagus, K (eds.) Proceedings of the PASCAL Challenge Workshop on Unsupervised Segmentation of Words into Morphemes. 2006
The use of Corpora and Concordance in the Teaching of Contemporary Arabic.
Al-Sulaiti, Latifa, Roberts, Andrew and Atwell, Eric
Proceedings of EuroCALL 2005, Cracow, Poland. 2005
aConCorde: Towards a Proper Concordance of Arabic
Roberts, Andrew, Al-Sulaiti, Latifa and Atwell, Eric
Proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics 2005 Conference, Birmingham, UK. 2005
FAQChat as an Information Retrieval System
Abu Shawar, Bayan, Atwell, Eric and Roberts, Andrew
In: Vetulani, Zygmunt (ed.) Human Language Technologies as a Challenge. Proceedings of the 2nd Language and Technology Conference, Wydawnictwo Poznanskie, Poznan, Poland, pp.274-278. 2005.
A Multilingual Parallel Parsed Corpus as Gold Standard for Grammatical Inference Evaluation
van Zaanen, Menno; Roberts, Andrew and Atwell, Eric
The Amazing Utility of Parallel and Comparable Corpora Workshop. LREC 2004. Lisbon, Portugal. pp 58-61, 2004.
CL2003: the International Conference on Corpus Linguistics
Roberts, Andrew
ELSnews newsletter of the European Language and Speech Network, vol. 12.2, pp.6-7, 2003.
Corpus Linguistics, Machine Learning and Evaluation: Views from Leeds
Atwell, Eric; Abu Shawar, Bayan; Babych, Bogdan; Elliott, Debbie; Elliott, John; Gent, Paul; Hartley, Anthony; Hu, Xunlei Rose; Medori, Julia; Oba, Toshifumi; Roberts, Andrew; Scharoff, Serge; Souter, Clive
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The Use of Corpora for Automatic Evaluation of Grammar Inference Systems
Roberts, Andrew and Atwell, Eric
Proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics 2003 Conference, Lancaster, UK. pp 665-661, 2003.
Unsupervised Grammar Inference Systems for Natural Language
Roberts, Andrew and Atwell, Eric
Research Report number 2002.20. School of Computing, University of Leeds, 2002.
Automatic Acquisition of Word Classification using Distributional Analysis of Content Words with Respect to Function Words
Roberts, Andrew
School of Computing, University of Leeds, United Kingdom